Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cool Top Cat Book

It's so awesome! I love the colors. I gotta find some more by this guy.



Anonymous said...

This is great to read after staring at crappy Bugs comics for so long.

Sad thing is these books seem to have a similar life to cartoons, regarding creativity and appeal.

Some advice for hunting down these precious gems:
I spent hours the other day searching for more Golden-type books like this on the internet. 90% of it was a bunch of 1990's Disney crapola. Yard sales are where the oil's at. Especially the old old churches with old old nurseries. Don't bother with young mom's, they just sell the crap their kid peed on 2 years ago.

Christine Gerardi said...

Yeah, I'm gonna go look at my grandma's house. My mom said she had this book as a kid.