Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Yesterday, while every other teenage girl in existence went to that vampire flick, I went and saw Bolt, Disney's latest attempt to prove that they can make CG films sans Pixar. Don't get me wrong, I thought Chicken Little was hilarious, and I loved Meet the Robinsons. Bolt, however, is more ambitious than these previous efforts, and for the most part succeeds in drawing closer to Pixar's quality level.
The thing that jumped out at me about this movie was the backrounds. They are possibly the best I have seen in any CG film. They were achieved with a technique called "Non-photorealistic rendering" or NPR. This makes them look painted, rather than all nasty and CG-y. Even the blades of grass looked good.
As far as character design, I thought it was solid. Bolt was very cute and doggy. The humans still look a little plastic and Dreamworks-esqe.
Everyone says that the hamster is the funniest character, but I thought he was a little overrated. The pidgeons were the real stars, in my opinion.
Overall, a very solid entry for Disney, and definetely a step in the right direction.

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